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DC grid benchmark models for system studies



HVDC technology is an increasingly important power system technology and the concept of HVDC grids has evolved rapidly, receiving increasing attention internationally. As more complex, multi-terminal systems are being built and planned, and even more complex grid systems are in discussion. To help achieve generally accepted standards, aid equipment interoperability, and support R&D in this important and emerging field, a common set of HVDC grid benchmark models to allow communication, standardization and training is required to achieve collaboration in research and comparison of results. This Technical Brochure has developed, and provides benchmark models of seven candidate multi-terminal HVDC grids/systems. Reviews of the built and planned HVDC systems around the globe, and R&D literature, underpins the selection of these models. The models are described, sample results are provided, and the files for the benchmark models are given in a variety of offline and RT simulation packages/platforms.


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Study Committee:  B4 ?

WG (TF): WG B4.72

Year: 2020

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