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Technical Brochures

Substation servicing and supervision using moblie devices and smart sensing


The Technical Brochure analyses the way substation servicing and supervision is and will increasingly benefit from the use of smart and wireless sensing technologies and smart and wearable mobile devices, from the internet of things, to improve substation servicing procedures, staff safety and asset management capabilities. New smart sensing and mobile devices may work well together with existing and future substation power and automation equipment and with monitoring installations. Evolution of microelectronics, internet of things, sensor devices, information processing and communication technologies are enabling new applications and scenarios for substation supervision and management, may provide new and real-time data useful for operation, maintenance and asset management and allow applications often not possible before or too expensive to implement.

The Technical Brochure is scrutinizing existing and usable technologies, trends and evolutions is on substation servicing and supervision activities using mobile devices and smart and sensing, considering the status of technologies and applications, examples of use-cases for near and mid-term use and gives guidance on how to evaluative such use-case for proper integration in an existing utility and technological environment.



File Size: 43 MB

Pages NB: 174

Study Committee:  B3 ?

WG (TF): WG B3.44

Year: 2020

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