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Guide for electromagnetic transient studies involving VSC converters



This Technical Brochure aims to provide comprehensive, documented, and validated descriptions of transients and associated ElectroMagnetic Transient (EMT) models and studies for VSC-HVDC converters. The objective is also to educate parties involved in VSC projects to explain what type of EMT studies shall be performed in the life cycle of VSC converters. It includes a large collection of typical transients which can occur in a VSC-HVDC converter station. It is intended for engineers performing and analysing dynamic performance studies, control and protection factory tests, and post fault records.

The scope of the Technical Brochure has been restricted to point-to-point VSC-HVDC systems with MMC topology in symmetrical monopolar configurations as they are currently the most frequent application of VSC-HVDC systems. Even though DC overhead lines, HVDC connection of wind farms, and multi-terminal/DC grids are outside the scope of this technical brochure, recommendations of the technical brochure can be slightly adjusted to be applied to these topologies. All simulations and analyses shown in the technical brochure are done with EMT simulation tools.


File Size: 12,6 MB

Pages NB: 187

Study Committee:  B4 ?

WG (TF): WG B4.70

Year: 2021

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