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April 2020



In this edition:



  • The values of CIGRE - In times of crisis - By Rob Stephen, President of CIGRE


Global Connections

  • The European green deal starts with the energy transition
  • Why collaboration is key to remaining resilient in our electric future
  • How is energy rich Australia running out of energy
  • Global energy transformation: China’s practice and vision


Life of Association

  • In Memoriam of Milan Calovic
  • Introducing Khayakazi Dioka - Chair of CIGRE WIE International
  • CIGRE Russia - Women in Engineering discussion club - Russia, December 2019
  • FISE-IEEE/CIGRE Conference 2019 – Living the new era of energy - Colombia, December 2019
  • CIGRE India - SC A1 meetings - India, September 2019
  • CIGRE Brazil - Second annual Women in Engineering Forum – Brazil, November 2019
  • SEERC - Technical Advisory Committee Meeting - Greece, January 2020


Annual Reports

  • A1 - Rotating electrical machines
  • B1 - Insulated cables
  • B2 - Overhead lines


Technical Brochures

  • 790 - WG B5.66: Cybersecurity requirements for PACS and the resilience of PAC architectures
  • 791 - WG C1.38: Valuation as a comprehensive approach to asset management in view of emerging developments
  • 792 - WG B2.63: Compact AC overhead lines
  • 793 - WG C6.31: Medium voltage direct current (MVDC) grid feasibility study
  • 794 - WG D1.56: Field grading in electrical insulation systems
  • 795 - WG C4.28: Extrapolation of measured values of power-frequency magnetic fields in the vicinity of power links
  • 796 - WG D2.46: Cybersecurity : Future threats and impact on electric power utility organizations and operations
  • 797 - WG B1.50: Sheath bonding systems of AC transmission cables - Design, testing, and maintenance

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Year: 2020

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