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Membership Directory 2020


14th Edition of the CIGRE Membership Directory


We are pleased to present herewith the 2020 Edition of the CIGRE Membership Directory.

Access to the Directory, published every two years, at the beginning of the odd-numbered year, is only granted to members who are up to date with their annual fees.


By the end of 2020, CIGRE had over 8,850 individual members, 3,600 student members and 1,300 collective members in over 100 countries.

In addition to the contact details of the 61 National Committees, the Directory presents the Governing Bodies of CIGRE, the Chairs of the Technical Councils and the Chairs of the Study Committees.

It also mentions the CIGRE Distinctions, as well as the Awards Recipients who have contributed to the development of CIGRE since its creation in 1921.


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Year: 2020

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