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Reference: WBN024


Cybersecurity requirements for PACS and the resilience of PAC architectures




This webinar offers an insight into the emerging threat landscape with attention paid to common protection, automation and control systems (PACS). Overlaid on this portrait is the imposition of emerging laws and regulations. From this assessment it was clear that a dramatic sea change will be required to modernize existing EPU policies, procedures, and organizational directives. A well-defined model-based system engineering (MBSE) process was used to define selected views of PACS-centric systems of interest. Using MBSE each impact is associated with recommended solutions to improve the security posture of PACS operations. For example, the capabilities needed to implement an integrated security operation center clearly shows that special personnel skills and advanced analytical tools are badly needed to improve the maturity PACS security posture and to implement a proactive or anticipatory security strategy.


The downloaded document includes on the first page the link to the video, and the complete presentation in PDF format.


File Size: 1,5 MB

Pages NB: 31

Study Committee:  B5 ?

WG (TF): WG B5.66

Year: 2021

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